Former India Cricketer said that Pakistan would still come to India even if India will not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.

Former India Cricketer said that Pakistan would still come to India even if India will not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.

A former India opener named Aakaash Chopra has stated in Srinagar that he can put it in writing that India will not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup and that Pakistan will still play the World Cup in India. This statement comes against the backdrop of recent events concerning India’s decision to skip travelling to Pakistan for the tournament.

Since the secretary of the Indian cricket board, Jay Shah, who also happens to be the president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), confirmed that India won’t travel to Pakistan for the next edition of the Asia Cup in 2023 and that it will be hosted in a neutral venue, the BCCI and the PCB have been at odds with one another. This dispute has been going on since Jay Shah’s confirmation.

Former cricketers from Pakistan have voiced their strong disagreement with the remark. PCB, in fact, threatened to withdraw out of the ODI World Cup in India next year in a strongly written letter and stated India’s action of not travelling to Pakistan may have implications in the cricketing relations between the two neighbours. The ODI World Cup will be held in India in 2019.

Former India opener Aakash Chopra, on the other hand, has a distinct viewpoint on the matter.

If India does not take part in the Asia Cup, there is almost no possibility that the tournament will go place at all. When compared to the World Cup, the Asia Cup is a relatively insignificant competition. If you do not participate in the World Cup, you will lose out on a significant portion of the income that the ICC distributes (with the participating nations). Now the question is who will give in first. Consequently, I’m not going to take this seriously. On his YouTube channel, Chopra has said that he believes the Asia Cup will take place in 2023 and that it would take place at a neutral location.

“It goes without saying that the ACC is a collaboration. However, very few people are aware of the fact that India does not get any financial support from the ACC. According to Chopra, “Everyone gets a particular amount from the ACC coffer, whether 4 million or 8 million, but India ends up distributing their amount instead.” “In the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), India has been acting as a big brother. If it has been suggested that the squad would not go to Pakistan, then let me assure you that India will not do so. I can give you that assurance in writing. The Asia Cup will also be played in a site that is not affiliated with any team. And Pakistan will most certainly participate in the World Cup (which will be held in India)… You may have all of this information in writing. “Everything said here is certain,” he went on to say.

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